OT offers on a Twitter Feed Market Direction Forecasts (Up or Down) of option-eligible U.S. Exchange Traded stocks ahead of a quarterly earnings announcement. Every trading day I will supply market direction forecasts on every stock that is option-eligible, which trades higher than $10, has a market cap of at least $1B, has options with bid-ask spreads not greater than 30 cents and has a confirmed pending earnings announcement after market close or before market opens the following day. Upon receipt of market direction of a stock (half an hour before market close) ahead of earnings announcement subscribers will design and execute their own trades using Long Calls or Long Puts, Credit or Debit Spreads or Sell Naked Options. Option trades are to be held overnight and closed the following day. The OT service costs subscribers $300 USD per month. Subscribers need to open a Paypal account (to manage the subscription and payment) as well as a Twitter account. Alerts will be sent to a Twitter account as it reliable and quicker than email. A typical email message will look like this:

GOOG – market direction is UP. Buy Calls Long or Sell Puts Naked

Subscriptions will be available soon stay tuned!