Results for Opening Trades Monday July 17, 2017

AMC/BMO Earnings Announcements Symbol Direction Result Chart Option Chain
 7/17 AMC Monday  NFLX  Down  Result Chart  Option Chain
 7/18 BMO Tuesday  BAC  Down  Result Chart  Option Chain
 GS  Down  Result Chart  Option Chain
 JNJ  Up  Result Chart  Option Chain

Netflix (NFLX) to Report Earnings Monday July 17, 2017 After Market Close

Netflix (NFLX) is confirmed to report corporate earnings Monday July 17, 2017 after market close. Option premiums and implied volatilities are at high levels to be exploited with option credit spreads. Option Knight will be analyzing the option market for trade suitability before market close today. Subscribe to find out trade pick and market direction prediction and enter your trade before market closes today.